Friday, July 24, 2009

Use Those Freaky Hands!

Happy July 24th readers! This one is dedicated to the NFL Network's list of top 10 best hands. I'm here to recap the list and offer my opinion.
10. Marvin Harrison-I have no problem with this one. Now, considering that it's quite possible that Harrison will soon be a Giant, I might have a little bit of bias. Also, it's not that hard to catch the ball when you have Peyton Manning throwing to you.
9. Lynn Swan-This is about where he should be. But like Marvin Harrison, he also had a stellar quarterback throwing him the football in Terry Bradshaw.
8. Sterling Sharpe-There are so many better people to put in this spot. I would have even tolerated Randy Moss here. I think that the NFL Network is just catering to an employee here.
7.Jerry Rice-Yes folks, the greatest wide receiver of all time is only number seven. I think that Jerry Rice has as much of a claim to number one as anybody!! I don't think I've ever seen Jerry Rice drop a pass. Now, granted I know he has dropped passes before but come on. He's JERRY RICE!
6. Kellen Winslow-No, no Browns fans. Not your whimpy tight end Kellen Winslow. That's Kellen Winslow Jr. This is Kellen Winslow Sr. I think that this is an all right spot for Winslow. He had a spectacular build for a tight end and had the hands to complement it.
5.Fred Biletnekoff-Oh the Raiders of the 1970's! Those were the days! I think that Biletnekoff certainly deserves to be above this next guy...
4. Larry Fitzgerald-What!? are they kidding me? What has this guy done to put him ABOVE JERRY RICE?! now don't get me wrong, the kids got talent, but not above Jerry Rice type talent.
3. Steve Largent-I think that this is low! Largent basically made Jim Zorn what he is. This guy got open so much it looked like defensive backs were too slow to catch him! I think that Largent defiantly has a claim to number one.
2. Raymond Berry- Erh. I suppose this is okay. I honestly cant give an opinion on this. I have not seen a whole lot of his games. He also had Johnny Unitas to throw to him, which would make any Joe Schmoe look good.
(Que dramatic music)
The wide receiver with the best hands of all time is...
What the heck!? The only thing Chris Carter has achieved in his life is to annoy me profusely. This is the stupidest of the NFL Network countdowns by FAR!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Time May Change Me, But I Can't Trace Time

All right. This one goes out to Tom Brady in hopes he goes down again. I really hate Tom Brady. I'm not gonna lie. However, I'm hoping to address the issue of sportscasters and their love for Bill Belicheat and his Patriots.
Why!? Just because Brady is back all of their problems are cured!? NO! how do they know that Brady will be the same quarterback that he was before the injury? It all has to do with his confidence. How will he react when he takes that first hit on the knee? And while they did get some youth in the draft, they are still pretty old and decrepit on defense. I just don't understand it.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!!

Wishing a happy birthday to Joe Torre yesterday! Perhaps the best present that Torre received came from pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who gave him a win against the Huston Astros. Giving up no runs in his six innings pitched, Kershaw was able to save the Dodgers from their third consecutive loss. Kershaw's hard work however, was almost undone by Jonathan Broxton and the bull pen as they gave up two runs.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

"It's like a new pair of underwear. At first it's constricting, but then it just becomes a part of you."

Party on Garth! Anyway...

Well my readers, tonight marks the return of Manny Ramirez to Mannywood (aka Dodger Stadium). The big question of the day has been how will fans react? For some reason the Manny using steroids issue has not been a big factor for most Dodger fans. In fact, I know some that were counting down the days until his return. It's my opinion that all will go well tonight as the Dodgers take on the Huston Astros.


Monday, July 13, 2009

I have to admit, it's getting better....

This post is dedicated to Max Hall in hopes that he will not suck this season. Now, last season, he had some difficulties when he actually had to play a good team. (TCU, Arizona, Utah) When he had to play a cupcake (UCLA, Wyoming etc.) he was just fine. This season won't be any easier. In fact it's gonna be a whole lot harder. The Heisman Trophy winner (Sam Bradford) isn't exactly going to lay down and die. Florida State isn't going to just go away. I'm honestly not sure about Tulane, I haven't seen any of their games! He won't be alone though. He may have lost Austin the fourth round draft pick Collie, but he has return missionary McKay Jacobson, who I remember as being pretty dang fast! The defense should be better as well. They are more experienced and should fare a whole lot better.
Well reader, here's hoping that this season is better than last!


Future Ace

This one is dedicated to the Dodgers left handed stud with the spectacular curve ball: Clayton Kershaw. With a lowered ERA of 3.16 and a record of 7-5 the kid is showing promise. Granted he has his bad days, and when he's bad he's really bad. But he also has his really good moments (refer to the game in Florida against the Marlins when he nearly had a no-hitter) and when he's good he's really good. But he also has his o.k. days like the most recent start against the Brewers. In the end however, you would like to see him go maybe a little longer, into the 7th inning or even the 8th. Especially with the banged up Dodger bull pen. Another thing he needs to work on is obviously the amount of batters he walks. It would be nice to see that number decrease by a lot. But worry not! He's only 21 and has the rest of his career to improve. I think that in the end he's going to end up a really great pitcher. Especially with that killer curve ball (aka public enemy number one as Vince Scully dubbed it.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Rant!

Mua ha ha! my first rant! the first thing you should know is my slang terms.
Ok so now on with my ranting!
This rant goes out to those of you who have partaken of the "Philthy kool-aide" and continue to ride the ugly bandwagon. I would love to know what it is that Philthy has done to convince you of their "Dominance". Was it the drafting of Jeremy Maclin? He's what 5'11 at the most? Know this my friends, speed does not a touchdown make. Does it help? yes it does, but speed alone will not help you much. Perhaps it's the "Jim Johnson defense". Now I've always been told that a great system functions well no matter the players in it. This may be however, let's see how well your defense functions when it's heart and soul is now in Denver. Now, it could be that Donovan Mcmuffin has convinced you that he has regained his "Swagger". However, one lucky playoff run does not make up for a season of crap. (To see my point refer to when Philthy played Baltimore last year) It couldn't possibly be Brian Westbrook! He just came back from a surgery and is getting older. So dear reader, I don't possibly see what Philthy has done to convince you that they could possibly surpass my beloved New York Giants? Now granted my beloved Giants do have a *cough* shortage at *cough* wide out but, it is my opinion that Hakeem Nicks should be better than expected.

CONGRATS! you survived my first rant! believe me there will be more to come!



"Where else would you rather be than right here right now?"-Marv Levy

Welcome my dear readers! this is my blog where I can rant and rave about anything sports related, and believe me, I have a lot to rant and rave about! At times I can assure you that I will be a big homer towards my favorite teams, but I will TRY to be as unbiased as possible! Now about my favorite teams: The New York Giants are my favorite football team, The Los Angles Dodgers are my favorite baseball team, Kasey Kahne is my favorite Nascar driver, I love the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavs for the NBA, and I am a true blue BYU fan.

Be warned! My first rant is coming soon! ;D