Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheer Cheer for...who?

As the NFL draft draws nearer and nearer, we are forced to suffer through the insufferable Mel Kiper Jr. and those who are like unto him. The combine has past and mock draft experts (like myself) are starting to formulate their first round or revising it. I love to evaluate quarterbacks and determine where they should be drafted, but this year I seem to be the only one who apparently has eyes to see. Allow me to explain:

I honestly have no clue what people see in Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. I thought it was a mistake for him to leave school early, being as he had the opportunity to assert himself as a top tier quarterback in college football with the departures of Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy amoung others. If Clausen is so good then why didn't Notre Dame win more games? Why didn't he win any awards or bowls of note?
People love to harp on how he can "make all the throws" but what does that really mean? Can he literally throw every pass pattern ever thought of by man? Arm strength is a useless intangible, I mean go ask Jay Cutler about his arm strength and then you'll see what I mean.
And there's also the matter of his wonderlic score. To put it in perspective-Sam Bradford scored a 36 which was the highest among quarterbacks, and Tim Tebow scored a 22 which was one of the lowest. Now knowing this, compare Jimmy Clausen's 23. Exactly.
I rest my case.

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