Monday, July 13, 2009

I have to admit, it's getting better....

This post is dedicated to Max Hall in hopes that he will not suck this season. Now, last season, he had some difficulties when he actually had to play a good team. (TCU, Arizona, Utah) When he had to play a cupcake (UCLA, Wyoming etc.) he was just fine. This season won't be any easier. In fact it's gonna be a whole lot harder. The Heisman Trophy winner (Sam Bradford) isn't exactly going to lay down and die. Florida State isn't going to just go away. I'm honestly not sure about Tulane, I haven't seen any of their games! He won't be alone though. He may have lost Austin the fourth round draft pick Collie, but he has return missionary McKay Jacobson, who I remember as being pretty dang fast! The defense should be better as well. They are more experienced and should fare a whole lot better.
Well reader, here's hoping that this season is better than last!


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  1. TIM TEBOW IS WAY BETTER THEN sam bradford!!!!!!!