Friday, July 24, 2009

Use Those Freaky Hands!

Happy July 24th readers! This one is dedicated to the NFL Network's list of top 10 best hands. I'm here to recap the list and offer my opinion.
10. Marvin Harrison-I have no problem with this one. Now, considering that it's quite possible that Harrison will soon be a Giant, I might have a little bit of bias. Also, it's not that hard to catch the ball when you have Peyton Manning throwing to you.
9. Lynn Swan-This is about where he should be. But like Marvin Harrison, he also had a stellar quarterback throwing him the football in Terry Bradshaw.
8. Sterling Sharpe-There are so many better people to put in this spot. I would have even tolerated Randy Moss here. I think that the NFL Network is just catering to an employee here.
7.Jerry Rice-Yes folks, the greatest wide receiver of all time is only number seven. I think that Jerry Rice has as much of a claim to number one as anybody!! I don't think I've ever seen Jerry Rice drop a pass. Now, granted I know he has dropped passes before but come on. He's JERRY RICE!
6. Kellen Winslow-No, no Browns fans. Not your whimpy tight end Kellen Winslow. That's Kellen Winslow Jr. This is Kellen Winslow Sr. I think that this is an all right spot for Winslow. He had a spectacular build for a tight end and had the hands to complement it.
5.Fred Biletnekoff-Oh the Raiders of the 1970's! Those were the days! I think that Biletnekoff certainly deserves to be above this next guy...
4. Larry Fitzgerald-What!? are they kidding me? What has this guy done to put him ABOVE JERRY RICE?! now don't get me wrong, the kids got talent, but not above Jerry Rice type talent.
3. Steve Largent-I think that this is low! Largent basically made Jim Zorn what he is. This guy got open so much it looked like defensive backs were too slow to catch him! I think that Largent defiantly has a claim to number one.
2. Raymond Berry- Erh. I suppose this is okay. I honestly cant give an opinion on this. I have not seen a whole lot of his games. He also had Johnny Unitas to throw to him, which would make any Joe Schmoe look good.
(Que dramatic music)
The wide receiver with the best hands of all time is...
What the heck!? The only thing Chris Carter has achieved in his life is to annoy me profusely. This is the stupidest of the NFL Network countdowns by FAR!



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  3. No, they said that spot is reserved for Hakeem Nicks when he's played a few seasons.