Monday, August 31, 2009

We Gotta Get It Right Back To Where We Started From

If there is one thing Dodger fans could learn from this season, it would be the fact that no matter how bad you may be doing at one point, it won't always be like that. With the game on Saturday against the Reds, we saw the Dodgers getting back to the winning form that they used to have. The starting pitching was a little rough, but it has been all season.
The game started off with Manny hitting a 2-run home run to drive in Rafael Furcal and make the game 2-o L.A. Mark Loretta added to this total with an RBI in the second inning. Then before you could even blink your eyes the game was 4-0 L.A.
Then came the third inning.
It started off fine, until the Reds came to the plate.
Dodger pitcher Charlie Haeger managed to give up four runs (Two of which were home runs) in the span of the bottom of the third inning. And by this time he only had one out. So veteran Jeff Weaver was sent in to get those dang outs and end the endless inning. If you are going to watch this game on tivo, I recommend fast forwarding to the seventh inning. With the game at 5-4 Dodgers after a Rafael Furcal solo shot, the Dodgers blew the game wide open and reminded Dodger nation that yes, it is possible for them to score runs. The scoring started with a Juan Pierre RBI to make it 7-4 Dodgers. Then came Matt Kemp's 3-run home run to make the game 10-4 Dodgers. Then to put the icing on the 6 run cake, Orlando Hudson hit a solo smash to make it 11-4 Dodgers. This was the final score as the Reds were not able to retaliate.

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