Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Believe!

BYU has always had inexplicable things happen to them. They've had everything from timely blocked Field goals, 13 second miracles, and 4th and 18 conversions. But nothing could quite compare to the inexplicable miracle that was BYU's win over #3 Oklahoma.
The game started off with OU having problems with penalties , most commited by their right tackle #70, Cory Brandon. The BYU defense forced the punt (OU has a punter?!) and put the ball in the hands of their offense. Max Hall was able to hand off the ball well to Sophmore running back Bryan Kariya which was really all he had to do on the first drive. Returned missonary McKay Jacobson also made his presance known with some nice catches. It was also Jacobson who would be partly responsable for BYU falling behind. The BYU defense forced another OU punt after OU continued to shoot themselves in the foot with penelties. Jacobson then proceeded to fumble said punt and give OU the ball in BYU territory. Sam Bradford, being the Heisman trophy winner, was able to drive the OU offense and score to make it 7-0. It was Bradford, who would ultimatley become the biggest story of the game. It started off innocently with Bradford dropping back to pass. He was then hit by BYU linebacker Colby Clawson. Bradford went down on his shoulder awkwardly and came up looking to be in obvious pain. It would later turn out that he had an AC shoulder sprain and would be out for 2-4 weeks. The game continued however, with Bradford only being able to watch from the sidelines. The game was a stalemate until late in the fourth quarter. BYU drove the ball down and took the lead on a touchdown pass to McKay Jacobson to make the game 14-13. OU had one more chance to keep its place amung the top 3 in the country. They drove the ball down, but were forced to kick a field goal. The crowd held its collective breath as it watched OU kicker Jimmy Stevens botch the winning score.


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