Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking My Baby To Sophistication

My poor neglected blog! Oh well, I vow that I shall not let this happen again! Today we are reaching new levels of sophistication here at Ranting and Raving with the top 10 hottest QB's in the NFL.

10. Mark Sanchez-Now, I'm not exactly sure what it is I see in Mark Sanchez, being as I loathe the Jets with a passion. I'm thinking it has something to do with my love of all things southern Californian. In a blog that I was reading the other day, the author of a particular post stated that " USC recruits Abercrombie models and turns them into NFL like football players." which is the absolute truth. How else can one school get so many good looking quarterbacks?

9. Drew Brees- Once upon a time, there was a little girl. This little girl was young and stupid and had a desperate hope that the Philthydelphia Eagles would win an NFC divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. This girl had a strange thing for Jeff Garcia which could not be explained. That girl was me. And to this day I can not explain what I ever saw in Jeff Garcia or his igglets. Alas, it was not all in vain as this game did teach me how hot Drew Brees is. I'm not gonna lie, its that scar/birthmark thing on his cheek that draws me in. It acts as a sort of dimple of sorts in my opinion.

8. Joe Flacco-If I could only get at this man with a pair of tweezers!! It would do such wonders! He's got everything to become one of the hottest QB's out there, except for that stupid unibrow thing that lingers above his eyes! Speaking of eyes, he's got some nice ones. I'm a sucker for a tall guy with dark hair and great eyes and Flacco is no exception.

7. Tom Brady-Brady is certainly not worthy of this lowly number seven spot, but I put him here because of general hatred and him being a scumbag. Brady has all the looks to be a number one, but I just can't get past that stupid cocky facade he calls a personality. ("We're only gonna score 14 points? hahahahah" *Que vomit sounds*)

6. Matt Schaub-This is is the inexplicable pick. I could sit here and talk until I'm blue in the face and not be able to tell you what it is I see in Matt Schaub.
5. Eli Manning- This is the semi-homer pick. Yes I have to put my beloved QB on this list but he does have the looks to merit a spot. Eli is obviously the more fortunate of the Manning brothers as far as looks are concerned (Be jealous Peyton) He has that cute boy next door who just happens to be an amazing quarterback kind of appeal.

4. Phillip Rivers- Eh, I have some
hesitance with this one. For one I'm not crazy about his southern accent (no offense intended to the lovely people of the south) and I really don't like the Chargers due to a Charger fan brother. But you look at him and you can't deny it. The man is hot. He's got everything required to make me swoon plus he's a great quarterback.
3. Matt Ryan- I'll be the first to admit that when Matt Ryan first came out I didn't think he was all that attractive. As time passed and as rookie quarterback records passed, I came to realize that Matt Ryan was truly quite good looking. There was actually some study done recently that ranked NFL quarterbacks on their hotness based on facial semmetry. Matt Ryan apparently has very good facial semmetry as he was ranked as the NFL's hottest quarterback.

2. Matt Cassel-It's becoming quite obvious to me that I have a thing for men named Matt and USC quarterbacks. Matt Cassel may have had to wait to get his start in the NFL, but it was worth it to unveil his good looks on the universe. He's got it all-dark hair, tall, pretty eyes ect. Much like my number one hottest quarterback...
1. Trent Edwards- Yea, yea, yea. I know all about how is quarterbacking skills are sub-par. But there's no denying that this boy has the looks. I've heard some knocking his new hair, but I personally find it really, really, really hot. It brings a whole other demention to a man who I thought was honestly not that good looking when he first came out.

And that was my list dear readers, and I understand that we all may disagree.

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