Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Spagnoulo, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Welcome all. I can't report that it's a particularly happy Monday sports wise, but the sun does still come up win or loose.

Now for the more pressing issue-

They used to be a dominant running team with a good coaching staff and a defensive identity. Now what are they? a wussy finesse team that would rather play the odds than go for the win. After blowout losses to New Orleans and Philthy and losses to Arizona and San Deigo, what are we left with as fans?

Our head coach no longer has the heart to go for the win instead of playing the odds. In Sunday's loss to the Chargers the Giants had the ball on the Charger 13 yard line after a Rivers INT with a chance to put the game away. So what do the Giants do? They run the ball three straight times for no avail instead of putting the ball in the hands of Eli Manning who had had a hot hand all day. Kevin Gilbride did an okay job of playcalling, and Sheridan also had an okay day. This one has to be put on Coughlin who has the power to veto Gilbride or Sheridan. He can no longer rely on the mighty Spagnoulo defense stop the other team and I don't think he's realized it yet.
and he has to realize that time old addage-

The Giants have to get back to playing Giants football. That means ramming the ball down the other teams throat for three quarters with Jacobs and then letting Bradshaw pop one in the fourth quarter. It also means playing good defense. That's how they got to the 2008 Superbowl and they've lost sight of it. Gilbride won't call a running play, Sheridan doesn't have a clue how to coach a defense, and Coughlin is a coward who would rather play the odds than put the game out of reach.

You don't play to kick the field goal! Hopefully this will wake up the management who will do something about the incompetence. Someone has to go, and I hope it's soon.

Shanahan anyone?
Remember this? He could bring this to NY!

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