Monday, December 7, 2009

December, How You Are My Favorite Month!

It's finally good to be a Giants fan again! My G-men swept the cowgirls under the rug last night and were able to reassert themselves in the playoff race. The defense looked better than they had in recent games, and were able to shut down a very good Cowgirl running attack. They just have to work on the pass defense and I think we'll be set!

In college football news, everything that was supposed to happen did.

Alabama took down the all mighty Florida offense, and Tim Tebow acted like a girl about it.
Texas held on against HUGE underdog Nebraska, sneaking away to join the tide in the championship game.
Cinncinatti also creeped away with a win against rival Pittsburgh, earning them a spot in the Sugar Bowl against St. Tim's Gators.

TCU and Boise state were sent to the Fiesta Bowl, which is nothing new for Boise, and exciting stuff for the Horned Frogs. That should be a pretty interesting game to watch to see TCU's dominant defense against the high octane Bronco offense.

My BYU Cougars were banished yet again to the Las Vegas Bowl against the Beavers of Oregon State-Their going to get their trash kicked. Oregon State looked really good against Oregon and could have been in the Rose Bowl right now.

And in C0llege Football awards news, the three finalists for the Heisman Trophy are going to be announced here ASAP.
The Candidates include:

McCoy has had a terrific season thus far, with the exception of the Big 12 Championship game, and now that Texas has their National Championship bid locked up, If I was him I don't think I would nessicarily want to win seeing the recent track record of Heisman Trophy winners in bowl games.


Gerhart is one of the dark horses in this years voting. Gerhart put up amazing stats this season on a Stanford team that not only upset one BCS hopeful, but two! There is no denying his legitimacy however, just ask Charlie Weis.


After a phenomenal SEC Championship game, Ingram did all but cement his ticket to New York. He's been great all season and as of now is considered the favorite to take home the statue.


Spiller had a great SEC championship game (In a losing effort might I add.) and really made a strong case for himself as another dark horse in this year's race.


While it's no secret that I loathe Tim Tebow with every fiber of my being, I can not deny his athletic acheivments. He's been a great college football player and is one heck of a leader who can get just about anyone to follow him. That being said, after him bawling his eyes out at the SEC championship game, I just can't get behind him.


Don't ask me to pronounce his first name because I couldn't. Suh had a FANTASTIC Big 12 championship, giving Colt McCoy and his Longhorns all they could handle. He's a great player who I predict is going to make serious coin in the NFL.

If I had a vote? I'd choose McCoy, Ingram, and Gerhart. I honestly don't see what the fuss is about with Spiller, one good game and he's crowned king? I don't think so. I'd also like to throw in a honorable mention to Suh, but I still don't think he's going to get it.


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