Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is...

YOU!! (aka Johnathan Toews)

Happy Tuesday all! I hope yours has been better than mine (food poisoning, not fun.) I wish there was a good hockey game on tonight, but sadly the Hawks don't play until tomorrow and even then I don't get the game. (My kingdom for NHL center ice!)

In college football news-the heisman finalists were announced and they were exactly who I said they were.
Toby Gerhart
Colt McCoy
Mark Ingram
Tim Tebow
Ndamukong Suh
I'm really going to miss college football occupying my Saturdays. There is always that void where College football ends, the NFL is winding down, baseball is still in it's off season, I can't quite bring myself to care about the NBA yet, and college basketball is in it's meaningless phase.

In Tiger Woods news-he's a scumbag.
Mysterious things keep happening to Tiger, the latest being his mother-in-law being taken to the hospital from his house. It's all just getting rediculous if you ask me.

NFL news-It's struggling to hold my attention for more than two minutes this season.
Where's T.O. when you need him!? Seriously, if the NFL gets any more boring it's going to collapse on itself. Chad Ocho Cinco is the only entertaining thing about this season. Between having to listen to Rodney Harrison's stupid opinion and having to watch lame crappy teams play in prime time, I'm about ready to switch to Canadian football.

Back to the NHL-Hawks still flying high, Brodeur is chasing records, I still hate the Avalanche, and Sidney Crosby is back after conspicuoulsly missing the game against the Hawks.

And now I leave you with Tuesday Toews:

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